How Learning a Language May Affect Your Personality

By CLA International On Tuesday, September29th, 2015 In Uncategorized

We’re all familiar with stereotypes to one extent or another. But what place do they have in our community? I haven’t studied this much, at all really, so I only have my experience to go off of and that of a few friends. However, I’ve found that most of them say the same thing. When […]

My first days in Guanajuato

By CLA International On Tuesday, August4th, 2015 In Students Posts

So here I am, I find myself in a city of colors and alleys. Each house has a different color and each alley a different width. It feels like I am climbing up hills all the time and my physical condition have gotten much better. There are mummies as well, yes real mummies but also caramel […]