How Learning a Language May Affect Your Personality

September 29, 2015

We’re all familiar with stereotypes to one extent or another. But what place do they have in our community? I haven’t studied this much, at all really, so I only have my experience to go off of and that of a few friends. However, I’ve found that most of them say the same thing. When you learn a new language, you feel differently when you speak it.

I first noticed this once I was fairly comfortable in Spanish. When I spoke English things seemed flat, they had emotion but not enough. Then when I spoke Spanish I was like a different person. I was very optimistic and spoke with a lot of emotion. Now, thankfully, I’ve been able to more or less merge the two.

As for learning English, I’m no authority on that since it’s all I’ve ever known. But I’ll give it a shot! After speaking with several non-native English speakers I found a pattern. Most of them felt more confident and outgoing when speaking American English. I don’t know enough about British English to give an opinion on it. I’ve often heard that Americans appear confident and outgoing to others though. So, I think that strongly influences how one changes after learning a language.

Another part of it is how you think about a language before you start learning it. I always thought of Spanish as a happy, optimistic language, that was full of emotion. So in order to speak Spanish correctly, I thought it had to have those elements. I’m not sure if I’m right about that or not, but I know it definitely helped me! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!




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