My first days in Guanajuato

August 4, 2016

So here I am, I find myself in a city of colors and alleys. Each house has a different color and each alley a different width. It feels like I am climbing up hills all the time and my physical condition has gotten much better. There are mummies as well, yes real mummies but also caramel made. Let's not forget the tunnels crossing the city bellow the surface. This might seem crazy, one might think I'm talking about some dream I had, but I assure you I'm not making any of this up. I'm just talking about my study abroad town, Guanajuato, nestled between mountains in the middle of Mexico.

Resting quiet and beautiful, ready to welcome new people all the time, It´s a city of and for students who choose Guanajuato to start the adventure of travel and study in Mexico. Meeting people from all around the world is common here and locals are used to it.


Among all the countries I have visited in Latin America, I have to say, Mexico is by far the best choice for a cultural-language experience abroad (ok, this is where I chose to live, my judgment might be a little subjective) but let´s face it, Mexico is amazing and its reputation precedes it.

Now, we all know adventure calls our names out loud, but let´s not rush packing our suitcase and tell our parents: off to Mexico! (Yes, it sounds dreamy yet unlikely). A little help will be needed and by this I mean Culture & Language Abroad.


Now that you are obviously wondering what the fuzz is all about, CLA is an international education organization based in Guanajuato, Mexico, recently created by young entrepreneurs whose passion has always been traveling and meeting new people. Now their passion is bringing people to study abroad in Mexico, to learn Spanish in Guanajuato.


Either you want to experience the culture for a short time or really immerse yourself in it; Culture & Language Abroad offers amazing summer and semester programs that I´m sure will cover your needs with a wide range of options.

We know, maybe because we heard it from someone else or because we lived it ourselves. An international exchange is a life changing experience and the number of programs offering this kind of student programs is large. Why? Because now it´s more possible than ever before, because the world seems to be not big enough and our generation is definitely ready to face the challenge.


I can hardly think of a better way to learn about Mexican culture and traditions, make new friends, learn Spanish and fall in love with something amazing every day than living in one of the best cities in the world: Guanajuato. Its colors, its people, everything here scream for attention.


I promise, you will love it. If you don´t, my dear, you took a different plane.




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