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Welcome to Guanajuato - Spring 2018

We would like to officially welcome Lydia to our Spring semester program and revisit some of our favorite moments of the past month!

Lydia and her host mom Señora Ceci visiting some of the Nativity sets around the city.

Coloring is an excellent way for bonding with all members of the family ^_^


Marimar (Sra. Ceci's daughter) and Carlos (Marimar's husband) visited from another state of Mexico; Queretaro, to meet and welcome Lydia. Ah well, I guess Lydia will HAVE TO visit them at some point :D another good excuse to discover different places in Mexico!


Delicious homemade breakfast! Chilaquiles with salsa verde and eggs, fresh papaya juice and coffee! Yum!

Lydia arrived to Guanajuato nearly one month before the official program start date so we made special arrangements for her. She spent Christmas and New Year's eve with her host family :)


During orientation Lydia received a free capuccino! Yes. People in Guanajuato is nice like that! ^_^

Could Guanajuato be any more beautiful? (SIGHHH)

One of our favorite places in Guanajuato; Plaza San Fernando (from above)

So many colors! <3

Learning about the many alleys in Guanajuato

Exploring one of the famous XVIII century inactive mines in Guanajuato!

A statue of San Cayetano deep down in the mine, He is the protector of all miners in Guanajuato.

We will continue posting our adventures in Guanajuato, so stay tuned everyone!


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