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Hola, future CLA participant!

My name is Fabiola, I am the director of the study Abroad program Culture and Language Abroad located in the beautiful city of Guanajuato, Mexico.

The following entry is an overview of how your time in Guanajuato would look like – should you choose us as your next study abroad destination!

Let’s start with a quick look at the city of Guanajuato

(you’ll get the hang of the pronunciation, I promise!)

We are not kidding when we say Guanajuato is BEAUTIFUL… I mean… just look at that view! Appreciating the city center from high up is one of our first activities during orientation week. It really gives our students a good perspective of the layout of the city. From up here we can see the university of Guanajuato, the central garden, important monuments, the main plazas and even our students’ houses!

The city center of Guanajuato is a very lively place and during your time here you will be able to enjoy the many activities it has to offer. In any given day in Guanajuato you can walk around the city center and enjoy a day full of fun activities like visit a museum or an art gallery, enjoy a street performance at one of the plazas, buy some street snack and sit in a park bench or simply sit in a terrace to enjoy a nice cold beer or a cup of coffee and do homework.

Now that we’ve established Guanajuato is not only beautiful but also incredibly fun, let's talk about the place where you’ll study; the university of Guanajuato. The UG (as commonly referred to by locals), is one of the oldest and best universities in the country. Your classes are conveniently located in the city center no more that 15 minutes walking distance from all of our students’ host family houses.

The other big thing students are always curious about is the housing situation. In our program students live with local host families. Living with a Mexican family is really the best way to experience the culture firsthand and practice your Spanish in real day by day situations, not to mention you will be eating AMAZING food every day!

Las but not least, let's talk about the cultural activities, trips and excursions we plan for our students. One of our major goals as a program is that our participants feel deeply immerse into Mexican culture which is why we organize weekly group activities to explore the many facets that Mexico has to offer. Some of the activities you can expect during your time here are cooking classes, salsa lessons, horseback riding, day excursions to different cities close to Guanajuato and our main overnight excursion to Mexico City (a big favorite for everyone!).

Learning how to make Enchiladas Mineras – a traditional dish of the city of Guanajuato.

Horseback riding in the mountains of Guanajuato

Boat tour in a traditional trajinera boat, learning about conservation and eco-farming.

Cooking class; learning how to make Chiles en Nogada.